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Howl is a Hottie… but Brian is Better (look alliteration!)

My schedule for next week is
Sat 1:00-9:00
Sun —
Mon —
Tues —
Wed —
Thurs 12:00-8:00
Fri 11:00-8:00

For Monday and Tuesday I am going to be out of town, at college orientation. Signing up for classes is going to suck real bad because until I get my IB scores back I don’t know which classes I can exempt. Bugger!

Howl’s Moving Castle was wonderful. I knew that I would want to read the book, So I ordered it before I actually saw the movie and I have the book coming in the mail already! Woot! (I know I was stepping out on a limb but I did buy it used so it was like $1 or something.)

Now I am going to read my dangerous and skulky letter.