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Monthly Archives: July 2005

I just finished my model pirate ship. And all that crazy rigging and tiny little knots and glue and paint… I imagine Calvin and Hobbes making models which result in a clump of glue with parts sticking out in various places. So here I was feeling very proud of myself and I foolishly decide to […]


Well I am back from my camping adventure and honestly there it too much to describe in a little LJ update. It was great to spend massive amounts of time with Brian. I think it did me good. Moments of extreme relaxation punctuated by moments of extreme panic laced with lots of rain. It is […]

I am leaving tomorrow morning

This is going to be the most fantastic week ever. This morning I was seriously discouraged by the conditions of St George Island. Camping on a post-hurricane island isn’t necessarily the best idea in the world. But it turned around and instead we we’ll go to Black Rock State Park. I have to do some […]

IB Scores

2005 MAY ENGLISH A1 HL 5 2004 MAY SPANISH B SL 5 2005 MAY HIST.AMERICAS HL 4 2005 MAY BIOLOGY SL 4 2005 MAY MATH.STUDIES SL 6 2005 MAY VISUAL ARTS EE C 2005 MAY VISUAL ARTS HL 5 2005 MAY THEORY KNOWL. TK C 30 points Do you see that? I got a 5 […]

I want everyone to remember that IB scores are out tomorrow. I hope we did well…