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I am leaving tomorrow morning

This is going to be the most fantastic week ever. This morning I was seriously discouraged by the conditions of St George Island. Camping on a post-hurricane island isn’t necessarily the best idea in the world. But it turned around and instead we we’ll go to Black Rock State Park. I have to do some laundry and pack and think and sleep. I know I will forget to bring something, ehh whatever.

Brian and I had the most amusing shopping experience at Publix. For someone who actually works at the store you would never have guessed from the way we were walking in circles. Much to the amusement of my coworkers. Brian, remind me to get the tortillas out of the freezer when we leave, oh and fill the water and get ICE! I would write a better list but I am simply not awake enough.

you all need to check out I <3th Darth! The dark side ROXORS!