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Monthly Archives: August 2005

So far I am still alive. Somehow my room is very conducive to sleep. It has fairly low light and easy access beds. This effect is so strong on my roommate the Kristen sometimes has to go and study somewhere else just to stay awake. For me the workload isn’t that bad yet. Mostly reading […]

Everyone needs to check this out!


As far as classes go I really like Astronomy and Art History looks like it’s going to be a bitch. But after reading Keen I feel like I could do anything. Let’s see… Drawing 1 shouldn’t be hard beyond getting the art supplies and the threatening workload from Color/Composition is compensated by the fact that […]

College- Day 3

Classes start tomorrow and I am feeling homesick. The coffee shop is closed and for some reason I cann’t get internet in my dorm room. It is this “ethernet” thing which I am not at all familiar with and I don’t have long distance so I can’t call my family. I don’t know why we […]

So I am at college

So I am here in my new dorm room with Kristen (who rocks!) She still needs some stuff but she drove up 13 hours from Ohio yesterday. By some freak of chance the first floor of my building has 12 foot ceilings and it all feels much larger than really is. I do have a […]

I think it is starting to sink in

This evening I hung out with my oldest and closest girl friends. The friends you could run into years later and realize that there is still no ice to break. Saying goodbye to Kitkat today just broke my heart I have never said a goodbye that felt as final. I will do everything I can […]


So whenever I loose something it is infallibly under my bed. Which of course is always the last place I would look for given thing. With this logic, if it is lost then it is under my bed. You might think I would look there first maybe once or twice. No. This morning I found […]

Just a schedule

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