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College- Day 3

Classes start tomorrow and I am feeling homesick. The coffee shop is closed and for some reason I cann’t get internet in my dorm room. It is this “ethernet” thing which I am not at all familiar with and I don’t have long distance so I can’t call my family. I don’t know why we did it this way but I am feeling very pushed-out-of-the-nest fend-for-yourself. Regardless I think I will be ok. All but two of my classes are auditorium style mass classes. The other two are studio art classes. And for some unknown reason I keep running into Kunal and then hanging out with him. Imagine that.

Lat night there was this huge concert thing down the hill from my dorm. I didn’t go to it but instead I played Smash with my neighbors and the RA. There is warm water in the showers again. That was starting to really suck. I guess right now I am about ready to go out in search of coffee.