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As far as classes go I really like Astronomy and Art History looks like it’s going to be a bitch. But after reading Keen I feel like I could do anything. Let’s see… Drawing 1 shouldn’t be hard beyond getting the art supplies and the threatening workload from Color/Composition is compensated by the fact that the teacher himself is a cutie, and the room has windows! I love windows (esp. 98) Believe it or not I have already done my homework. Sure I have some sketches but what’s new. My stidio classes are all girls. Do boys not think that life as a painter is a feasible way to support a family? Do they just suck? Yea they suck.

My computer still doesn’t have internet. Whenever I want to check my mail I have to log onto my roomie’s laptop and go from there. I have a date with tech support on Monday. I just hope they can fix the thing and don’t tell me that I should buy a new computer to solve my problem. It is like getting a flat tire and then having the mechanic recommend that instead of replacing the tires you should just get a new car it is am old model anyway. This is where I say, you want to buy me one?

My roommate is pure awesome. Her name is Kristen so if she ever picks up when you call for me don’t be confused. She is from Ohio and is a Biology major. She has cats, she’s laid back, has a terrible sense of direction, ultimately perfect. Of course the room itself is a work in progress. We need to find a better place for a fridge than my closet, and I am going to see if I can dig up some posters. Because we are on the first floor we have these high ceilings and more wall to cover.