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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Ok so 20 things people probably don’t know about me This will be hard because all my little strangeness-es are well known. 1. I am taking fencing and it hurts like a bitch 2. I like to look up chess sets on ebay and think about buying one 3. Today I bought one… 4. I […]

Art History Tomorrow

Ok so I have a major art history test tomorrow. I mean this thing has as much weight as the final. I just can’t seem too learn the dates. I look at these numbers and they mean absolutely nothing to me. Oh and I have always been very good about studying and all. (is known […]


I think everyone should write me a letter or send pressed flowers and stuff because I need mail. Oh poor lonely mailbox. 0101 B Mell Hall University of Georgia Athens, GA 30609 Now you know where to send it to… Yea. The B part is so it doesn’t go to my roommate.

I just haven’t got the hang of it yet. Everything is seeing people I don’t know all that well, all the time and then seeing to people I really want to see very little. At home I would only see the people I really wanted to see and then everything else was at school. Now […]


You know how they are always telling you that people are made of 60% water and all that jazz. You never actually feel like you are a mostly gelatinous being. This weekend I feel that 60% water all gushing around trying to get out. I am sneezing and coughing and my eyes are watering up. […]


So I finally figured out why I wasn’t getting internet in my room. It had something to do with Norton which had decided that it wanted to block my computer from the network. I had to manually tell it which programs I want to talk to the internet and instantly… INTERNET! (Condensed version) I feel […]

I would like to mention that my astronomy text quotes the Hitchhiker’s Guide. I am enjoying this subject more daily. My art project that involves cut paper has begun to look like a chainsaw massacre with paper. Kunal says it adds whole new meaning to “having a paper due”. Oh and technically my roommate isn’t […]