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I would like to mention that my astronomy text quotes the Hitchhiker’s Guide. I am enjoying this subject more daily. My art project that involves cut paper has begun to look like a chainsaw massacre with paper. Kunal says it adds whole new meaning to “having a paper due”.

Oh and technically my roommate isn’t actually a student here. Apparently there was some small amount that they added to her student account later connected to the meal plan which they didn’t realize was there. And now Kristen has been withdrawn from all her classes and has all these things that have to be signed. She has to track down all her professors so she can have their permission to let her back into class and then she has to get the department chair for each of her classes and then she has to get the signature of the dean herself. Not to mention this is Labor day weekend we are talking about and these people are going to be harder to find than usual. On top of that since she isn’t a student at the moment she can’t live in campus housing and has 24 hours to show proof that she is getting this resolved or they are going to kick her out and change the locks. *Deep Breath*

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