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Art History Tomorrow

Ok so I have a major art history test tomorrow. I mean this thing has as much weight as the final. I just can’t seem too learn the dates. I look at these numbers and they mean absolutely nothing to me. Oh and I have always been very good about studying and all. (is known to blow it off) I probably shouldn’t feel so nervous I mean I have read all the chapters she has assigned. That wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either. I even blew off doing homework for another class to study for this thing. I think I’ll call it a night.

Started going to fencing club. It seems like a real fun place. I was the only new kid last night so the club president walked me through the basic moves. I won’t be able to train with a sword until I practice footwork for four weeks. It is a pretty good workout and something I have always been interested in. The only downside is that it conflicts with anime club. I can probably get the episodes I want to see on my own and besides some of the people in that club are nice but some I don’t want to have anything to do with.

What else… I am trying to find a cool chess set that I can fit into my purse and carry around, and I spread cardinal flower seeds along the banks of the putrid stream. I only did one side of the stream. I stopped because this kid was looking at me funny and I suddenly felt very silly so I decided to finish another time. I am getting a new computer. It is a little IBM thinkpad it is at home right now because it has just come in the mail. So soon I will not be the only person I know still using windows 98. I know it is more unstable but I like how it is more hands on. XP tends to automate everything, and I have my own system and I am a bit of a control freak about telling my computer what it can and cannot do. I have been told many times in the past to “upgrade” I am sorry but this PC is putting forth all it’s omhpapa into running a much simpler system. But no longer, I shall have my own laptop!