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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Take that ya damn jaywalker!

So I have been getting to know my new laptop. I think it would benefit from a mouse. It has this “red dot” between “G” “H” and “B” that you navigate with. Heck if I know what it’s called. Better than a touch pad but not as good as a mouse. Getting to know college. […]

Dead Body Chess

So today Kunal and I played “dead body” chess. I made it up myself! What you do is instead of removing the dead pieces you just lie them down where they were killed and play like that. Except in this game all the “dead bodies” were my chessmen! I think the only reason I was […]

I really just wanted to use this icon

So I come back from Drawing today and about 5:00 and sleep for over five hours. It’s crazy! Maybe I needed to catch up or something. Either way I am going back to sleep…


So fencing has to be the coolest club ever. What is funny is that even though I tell people about it, and they are interested the class is actually quite small. People say they want to do it but only a very small group actually show up. I probably wouldn’t go as regularly if my […]


So I have said that I would post my class schedule to people so… here it is! Monday- Origins of Life Seminar 8:00-8:50 Art History 11:15-12:05 Color/Comp 1:25-3:20 Fencing 8:00-10:00 Tuesday- Astronomy 9:30-10:45 Drawing 1 2:00-4:45 Wednesday- Art History 11:15-12:05 Art Seminar 12:20-1:10 Color/Comp 1:25- 3:20 Fencing 8:00-10:00 Thursday- Astronomy 9:30-10:45 Drawing 1 2:00-4:45 Friday- […]

Postmodern Paleolithic

Why is it that your bed becomes exponentially more comfortable when you have to get out of it. I swear it wasn’t so comfortable last night. I got up early today because I figured I needed to get working on my art for Drawing. I have to work on a value study, a shape value […]