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Take that ya damn jaywalker!

So I have been getting to know my new laptop. I think it would benefit from a mouse. It has this “red dot” between “G” “H” and “B” that you navigate with. Heck if I know what it’s called. Better than a touch pad but not as good as a mouse.

Getting to know college. Trying my worst and failing to avoid people. Change causes suffering and today I would have loved to be with my family. They are in Florida visiting Sally and Woody who live on the most romantic old farmhouse in the world. They are teachers so you can’t really call it a farm, just a nice big place. I feel like I am tripping over my thoughts. Like somehow everything is changing too fast and at the same time like I am stuck in a rut. Brian is coming up tomorrow so that should be good. I wish it didn’t cost so much to come up here. Because I don’t have a car I can’t return the favor and drive myself down. I know I shouldn’t feel bad about something like that but I do a bit.

I think I know how a program must feel when it is infected with an internet virus, Trying it’s hardest to get it’s point across but just spouting off garbled nonsense.