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I know. My icon kicks butt

So this weekend we were going to fight the GA Tech fencing team. It was going to be at tech today. Well apparently their basement flooded and we had to host it in Athens. Ok, fine. Except that at 5:00 the day before their president called and said that they couldn’t field a team to come up. We had already reserved a room and made plans. It was canceled, and here I am in Marietta.

Brian came and picked me up like the sweetheart he is and Daniel was hiding in the car and scared me half to death. I mean I’ll admit I am easily startled, but Daniel really got me. Then we went to Park 12 and saw Ultraviolet which was a pretty mediocre movie with moments of awesome and fairly continuous ass kicking. At least the actress was cute. She was that girl from 5th Element with the orange hair.

There is this arcade game “Marvel vs. Capcom” at the movies Brian and I decided to fight each other. I have never played before so I was just button-mashing and I fully expected to loose to Brian. Not only do I beat Brian but continue to beat level after level and rank as second place. I ranked as FUCKING SECOND PLACE IN A POPULAR ARCADE FIGHTER!!! ON MY FUCKING FIRST GO! Please excuse my gratuitous use of Caps. It was that awesome. Heck, it is still awesome. I rule.