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Today I went to Atlanta to hear a talk by the Kenyan winner of the nobel peace prize. She is an environmentalist and organized the planting of 3 million trees. She was a really great speaker and had this beautiful African accent. It was interesting how she placed her environmentalism into a Christian context. Where the conventional interpretation it that man should have dominion over nature. Instead she talked about Genesis and who God creates and it is good. Thus nature is good. In the bible, man is made last almost as an afterthought. If man had been made on Monday he would be dead by Tuesday. It is not nature that relies on man but man that relies on nature. She also talked about the issues of drought and how the lack of trees was decreasing the amount of available water and the water in the rivers has gotten polluted with runoff. It was a fun thing and one of the few times I get to feel like a minority. I am so white and this is Morehouse College. nuf’ said.