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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Told you I’d look it up!

Ahem. I recently had a discussion regarding the length of Sailor Venus’ hair. Brian. After looking on google I can say that there is no answer. I think it tends to be longer in the anime. Or maybe it grows when she transforms… Part of the “disguise”

and then God created the oceans

You know what needs to make a come back? Shakespearean insults. I especially ones like “I bit my thumb at you!” Complete with thumb biting gesture. So much more flavor than the conventional finger. Also I signed up for classes. I have 8:00 every day… I know. I know. They were like the only times. […]

The Communist Party

It’s a Party I am going to sleep now.


Take My Quiz- on!

Because putting something off to the last minute isn’t real unless you mean the last ACTUAL MINUTE. Ahem I have surpassed day-before procrastination into the realm of day-of procrastination. I want this essay to be over. I want the weekend to come. I want to read my book. At least sculpture should be fun. Hope […]


All my english teachers have told me that I have very good insightful things to say about literature. But as soon as I try to make that an essay it all goes to HELL. My current teacher is unusually biased against the words “this” and “that”. I cannot understand why… I am not abusing them […]

Marching Band

Today I woke up to the sound of rain and… very loud marching band music. Poor kids, and they thought marching band practice would be canceled THEY WERE WRONG! But Sir, …The drums aren’t doing so hot… PLAY PLAY! Muahahahahaha I am going to grab some breakfast.

Finally the end of a surprisingly stressful week. I had 2 tests and that beaded hat fiasco. Through some miracle I managed to do fairly well on all of the above. So now we are doing these crazy plaster/plastic bottle sculptures. At this point they look ridiculous. I have this feeling that casting them in […]