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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Cinema Paradiso

Brian- I know I said I’d call you after the movie was over. Well it went on much longer than I expected (yay for the Italians and their long movies). I have a policy of not calling people later than I would mind being called… generally. It is 1:00AM and I don’t know if I […]


I am not even going to try to make this funny for you guys. Sat 9-6 Publix Sun 10-7 Publix Mon off? Tues off? Wed 4-11:30 Publix Thurs 3:30-11:30 Fri 11-6


I feel like I don’t have a lot to say lately. For me writing is like my dad walking into an art supply store. He says “I feel like I should be drawn to this, but I’m not.” I feel like I should love writing with a passion. Yea whatever. I don’t force anyone to […]

Boring Schedule

People who play clarinet with lipstick on annoy me. It leaves a terrible color on the reeds. Gross. Schedule at this point bah humbug! Sat 2-6 Publix Sun 10-6 Publix Mon 4-10 Gondolier Tues 4-10 Gondolier Wed 3:30-8:30 Publix Thurs 3-8 Publix Fri 12-9 Publix You call that a hat? THIS is a hat!

Ok so I am officially working two jobs now. (ooh scary) Publix and Gondoliers (with Stephie and Dani). I was hired on the spot at Gondoliers. I don’t think the manager even really looked at my application. She just sat down and started telling me about the job. I’ll go in on Tuesday and start […]

This is pretty cool

Unrelated Thoughts

So Buddha said that the source of all suffering is desire. People are quite content until they realize exactly what they don’t have. In theory a better understanding of the nature of desire leads to less suffering. I am not just talking about desire for things but more of a broad term, desire for people, […]