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Ok so I am officially working two jobs now. (ooh scary) Publix and Gondoliers (with Stephie and Dani). I was hired on the spot at Gondoliers. I don’t think the manager even really looked at my application. She just sat down and started telling me about the job. I’ll go in on Tuesday and start then. I’m officially a cashier but it seems like serving is a part of that when it is busy.

Publix… ahhh Publix. They have me working tomorrow but I seem to have lost my uniform. I have found my name tag, 1 pair of pants, 2 green vests and 1 sweatshirt. I have no bow or white shirts. This stresses me out. Where is my uniform! I tore apart my closet looking for it. Probably a good thing because this turned into a closet cleaning extravaganza but still no uniform. *sigh* It will be fine. I will just go in early and see if they can dig one up for me or just wear the sweat shirt and be hot.

This week (I swear this is just so I won’t loose my schedule)
Sat 10-7 Publix
Sun 12:7 Publix
Mon 11:6 Publix
Tues 3:34-10 Gondoliers
Wed 3-7 Publix
Thurs off (tenative)
Fri 12-5 Publix

Obviously Publix got me first. Oh, and just so I am not too boring here are pictures of me riding or failing to ride a “bull”. Photographed by Kunal.