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I feel like I don’t have a lot to say lately. For me writing is like my dad walking into an art supply store. He says “I feel like I should be drawn to this, but I’m not.” I feel like I should love writing with a passion. Yea whatever. I don’t force anyone to read this shit.

I am really tired lately I have been working harder this summer than I ever have before. I think I like the restaurant but at this stage everything is still first impressions. It is less boring than the grocery store where you repeat yourself endlessly and make mistakes out of tedium. There is a lot of good natured commiseration that I would hate to miss out on but I don’t think I would miss the work at all. They are always changing things and I never like it. (how conservative of me…) for example moving the express lanes. Hey I liked being on the other side of the store far far away from the managers vulture-like gaze. You even have to be careful about joking with the customers. Too many old white people can’t take a joke.

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