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Monthly Archives: June 2006

I failed


So in two hours I am going to be at the DMV taking my driving test. I know this is pretty late in the game for a nineteen year old to be taking it for the first time. I am so nervous about it I didn’t sleep well. Having my license will be great. I’ll […]

They Blew up the Death Star?!

So today I discovered Robot Chicken. So I don’t watch a lot of TV… I was thinking of making this a longer post but I’m not. Goodnight.


So I find out today that Ellen is now out of town… I missed her. She doesn’t come back until school has already started for me. I was really looking forward to a chance to see her. Friday is pretty much the first day I’ve had off work since summer started. I feel like I […]


So I am thinking about getting some books. I would like you to tell me your favorite book and comment with the title and author. I take people very seriously when they say “this is my favorite book” It is how I have found some gems out there. If you know I have already read […]