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Monthly Archives: September 2006


I have been feeling pretty bummed today. Yesterday I was fine, I felt productive and I ended it with an exciting evening of ghost stories. Today I have sat around in my room all day trying to study and really not getting much done. I feel tired and burnt out and I really wish I […]

Gaged ears cont.

Wow I am such a cheat… But if you can’t tell…

Portfolio art RANT!!!

I just realized that I left my drawing portfolio in the art building which I would run to fetch right now if I had enough time to go down there, and not be late for work. If I had started this when I should, I would have realized that I was missing the portfolio sooner […]

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin died yesterday. The wildlife presenter was filming a documentary off the coast of Australia today (04.08.06) when a stingray attacked him, using its poisonous barb to pierce his chest. According to reports, paramedics flew out to the Great Barrier Reef – the scene of the tragedy – to treat him but it was […]