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Portfolio art RANT!!!

I just realized that I left my drawing portfolio in the art building which I would run to fetch right now if I had enough time to go down there, and not be late for work. If I had started this when I should, I would have realized that I was missing the portfolio sooner and wouldn’t be in this fix right now. Damn. I have fleshed out my ideas. That isn’t a problem and I am really keen on mixed media but this is just the most oppressive and creatively restricting art project ever. Family tree? WTF? Not actual relatives but stylistic artistic relatves. But they have to fit into a rational timeline. Oh and no tree imagery. Just shoot me. That’s why I put it off for so long. Art has been stressing me out too much lately I can’t wait for next semester.

I can’t even find out when the printmaking review is. No one knows and I even emailed the department head and she just told me it would be in September and there would be “signs”. She could have just told me to look at the stars for signs because there haven’t been any in the art building. Maybe give me a deadline to work for. I have to go to work now…

I want a hug.