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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Lovely Day

So I am having a surprisingly good day. I have been wearing my pirate costume all day and not feeling silly at all. I get to drawing to find a vampire (Drew :D) and a dead girl. I wasn’t the only one in a costume at 8:00 in the morning!!! We watched a video, did […]

Snail mail

Send me letters! Hannah Skoonberg 0331 A Mary Lyndon Hall University of Georgia Athens, GA 30609

Its FRIDAY!!!! yess

Of all the anime series in the world One Piece has some of the uglies posters I have ever seen. Aesthetically jarring. With that said… I want.

Pink Eye

I woke up today with a case of pink eye. Fortunately for me it wasn’t nearly as bad as my first encounter with the virus (The one given to me by The End of Eva). This is really just a minor discomfort, a bloodshot eye, and a really good excuse not to go to work. […]


This semester is really kicking my butt this year. Basically it is taking all of my energy to stay floating or rather not drowning. This week I got this cold bug and it is suddenly clear to me how much energy I have been using to keep up with everything. As in now that I […]

I am a printmaker

I am officially accepted into the printmaking program here. I filled out a change of major form today. It is what I really love to do best. I should tell Mr. Ross he would be proud. Painting is fun and all but printmaking is thrilling and suspenseful. I really feel like I am going in […]

Oh the humor

Stolen from Andrew Yu-Gi-Oh the abriged version I also met a kitten named… ROFL Waffle (pronounced Raa-Full Waffle) I am not too sure about the name but the kitten was pretty awesome. I have to go study Political science.