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Lovely Day

So I am having a surprisingly good day. I have been wearing my pirate costume all day and not feeling silly at all. I get to drawing to find a vampire (Drew :D) and a dead girl. I wasn’t the only one in a costume at 8:00 in the morning!!! We watched a video, did face painting and went to the rare books library where we looked at art books. Somewhere in the library my shoes gave out… instantly…and completely. These are old leather shoes for the costume and all of a sudden pieces of the bottom start falling off both of them at the same time. Chunks of rubber falling off my shoes! I cross my fingers and hope they will last me till 2:00 (which they did) Then I go to take mt poly sci exam and I got 2 bonus points for WEARING A COSTUME!!!! I was the only one in costume so booya! Then (it gets better) I manage to arrange a study group with smart girls from my Art History exam, then he pushes back the date! In an hour and a half I have to go to work but I talked to my managers and they said I can be a pirate a work today. Ahh!

Happy Halloween!