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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Scratch that. I found it nevermind So I lost my purse today and I am really too bummed about it to go into much deatail. I have done everything that I can do at the moment but right now I don’t have a phone. aaaand I really need phone numbers to call people on my […]

Right now I am currently obsessing about the internet game Puzzle Pirates. I haven’t had it so bad for a video game since I got hooked on the Wind Waker. At least that one had an ending. Well at this point there is no use fighting it I might as well get you all hooked […]

Being a Artist

I think the biggest thing I lack as an artist is some sort of web presence. All the successful artists I know have some sort of functioning website. I know how to make websites. When I was 13 I made the BEST Sailor Neptune fan site on the face of the internet. It was at […]