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Being a Artist

I think the biggest thing I lack as an artist is some sort of web presence. All the successful artists I know have some sort of functioning website. I know how to make websites. When I was 13 I made the BEST Sailor Neptune fan site on the face of the internet. It was at the top of the google search and even now it is still only a couple or pages down. It happens that my site is STILL the best Sailor Neptune website on the internet except for some minor rape from the bastards at fortunecity (back when free was 100Meg). What I need are some good cheap domain recommendations from my lovely internet savvy friends on live journal. I also have to come up with a smashing website layout but I can do that. I am thinking about cool rollover gifs like Nivbed’ s site…? Then I need some system of getting my dusty as hell charcoal drawings scanned or somefink. Maybe I should start with a layout or something but I need a host first. What is a good host? I probably won’t need huge amounts of space…