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Monthly Archives: December 2006


Prepare yourselves for some Usopp lovin’ in the next chapter of One piece! SQUEE!!! Oh and I am done with finals. I won’t say I did well on Art History but I don’t think I failed. It wasn’t any worse than I expected.


So the interesting thing about my notes are that the more boring the class is the more bizarre and interesting the doodles are. Most would only be clear to me. Let me say my Art History section is particularly packed I came up with ideas for no less than two art projects, while the rest […]

Art History Study Break

Seeing that I am bound to be studying Art History all day. If any of you guys (you know who you are) want to call a food break at some point. That is probably the only legitimate excuse I have to get away from this awful awful material…  Well maybe a shower would be a […]

I have to say our sly plan (Operation Distract Sarah from her Essays) was a complete success.