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So the interesting thing about my notes are that the more boring the class is the more bizarre and interesting the doodles are. Most would only be clear to me. Let me say my Art History section is particularly packed I came up with ideas for no less than two art projects, while the rest are a combination of repetitiveness (I have a whole page of treble clefs and the letter S) or personifications of boredom. I draw bored faces, with eyes rolling. In the middle of Ernst I drew my heartbeat flat lining. That class was THAT bad. So I have been studying so hard I haven’t even taken that promised shower break. But no matter how I look at it I feel that none is sinking in. For this last test he tried to cram all the stuff that he had wanted to cover but hadn’t gotten to yet. The worst part is that I don;t even know if all this work is doing any good. For the first time in my life I would be happy with a D. I would be quite happy with a D actually. I just feel dumb and slow. I know I’m not but trying to study one subject all day can do that to you. When you spend all day working on art at least you know it will help.

Ever had white chocolate candy cane kisses? That shit is good.