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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Rejon this one is for you

Lately Gundam(u?) Seed has become amazing Rejon/Hannah time. And seeing that I am not going to be in town this weekend I shall try to compensate… I also fail at giving high fives but if I could I would give you one right through the internet. Praying to the Altar of Kitty

I need to stop being so bloody afraid of drawing people in my artwork. The fear is that if I do not use reference I will resort to my anime roots and that is untrue. I am much to big a fan of lips and noses to go too far down that road in an […]

Back to school

So I am heading back up to athens later today. This will be my first semester of 3 studio classes. I get the feeling that I might have to cut back on my Snelling work load. But that horrible trauma of not getting any classes I want has been replaced by actually getting all the […]

Tablet coloring!

So due to request I am putting up my first and unfinished tablet coloring exercise.   fyi the image is not mine I am just coloring it. Oh and if you didn’t know that already I might have to shoot you.