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Back to school

So I am heading back up to athens later today. This will be my first semester of 3 studio classes. I get the feeling that I might have to cut back on my Snelling work load. But that horrible trauma of not getting any classes I want has been replaced by actually getting all the classes I want. I hope I never have another semester as rough as last semester. I actually came out of art history with a C- when I could have easily failed. I must have done really well on the final and I think he bumped me up because I had perfect attendance and when someone grades on “improvement” it isn’t that hard to improve when you fail the first test. I hate Art History…

I only just learned about Rejon’s new roomate. *slaps* I should have been Rejon’s new roomate! Now I have to go back to living with my unpredictably moody roomie. I guess it was out of your control but still I would have been better.

Still hooked on puzzle pirates. I am now an ULTIMATE sailor. If that means anything to you.

Now to call Brian and hang out as much as possible before I leave.