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Pancake Pirates

So Sarah FINALLY got to meet my Brian and it was amazing. As soon as she said “Swiss Miss” I just knew I was right to drag him to Sarah’s.

Brian, I know it was a lot of driving and it makes me feel all the more special that you were willing to come up for such a short amount of time. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Sarah, in fact I would be calling you personally to squee about Brian to you but your cell is still on vibrate and Windwaker waits for no woman. (instead I just lamely update LJ…) You just can’t beat favorite people + IHOP. And dragging sleepy Lee along was sweet and you didn’t have to feel like a 3rd wheel at all. So uh thanks for hanging out it twas just what I needed. mmm pancakes…
Sarah you rock my pirate sloop!

I am in this bubbly good mood and I have this annoying need to share that with the internet. I think I am going to top it off with some puzzle pirates. Hell yea!