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Monthly Archives: April 2007

sick and feeling happy

Despite all signs to the opposite today has turned out to be a pretty good day. My 6 hours of studio in the morning was kinda rough but I was feeling really sick and tired. Later after deciding I was not sick enough to call in sick to work it didn’t matter because 4 hrs […]


So I got to see Rachel’s adorable Siberian Husky today who has the most endearing baby blue eyes and this little white muzzle. After a while of playing with said dog I go back to my room and my eyes are burning and I am sneezing. FUCK I think I might be allergic to dogs?! […]

SO I am taking my pirate obsession to the next level I am now drawing portraits of my online pirate friends for pirate money. It is almost like having commissions except not at all. So here is the link to some of my “pieces” lol they are really more like sketches in my super cute […]