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So I got to see Rachel’s adorable Siberian Husky today who has the most endearing baby blue eyes and this little white muzzle. After a while of playing with said dog I go back to my room and my eyes are burning and I am sneezing. FUCK I think I might be allergic to dogs?! How could this be? I have never noticed a problem before but then I have never had a dog only cats. I am not going to say this is conclusive at least until some further testing and the Husky was shedding like nobody’s business and that can’t have helped. It kinda ruined my day.

Later this evening I went and had dinner with Lee who I need to hang out with more. She is different and intriguing. I don’t know how much we have in common other than mutually wanting to hang out with Sarah ROFL! But I had a lovely dinner and it almost made up for being allergic to dogs but I don’t know if anything can make up for that crappyness at the moment.