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sick and feeling happy

Despite all signs to the opposite today has turned out to be a pretty good day. My 6 hours of studio in the morning was kinda rough but I was feeling really sick and tired. Later after deciding I was not sick enough to call in sick to work it didn’t matter because 4 hrs flew by. Mush thanks to the religious conversations that were flying about. And my entertaining friend and fellow omleteer Andrew.

So then I went to the studio. I am not expecting to have fun I have been going all day I am sick I pull all 30 prints with no issues at all. I could not have had a better studio evening AND to top it off. As I had given up on the bus picking me up I had decided to walk home. The Family Housing bus picked me up OFF THE SIDEWALK! I was not at a bus stop I was on the sidewalk and he just picked me up. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! XD