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Monthly Archives: May 2007

I fell down the stairs God I hurt


Brian sorry about forgetting that link here you go! Air Gear motor powered rollerblade fighting fanservice mangaUnfortunately the website has become more add encrusted over the years but it’s all still there. Right now I am obsessing over the most recent chapters of One Piece. Honestly this arc wasn’t really doing it for me until […]


So here we go with a before Aaaaaand after Full view of drastic new haircut


My very long long hair, 20 inches of it in fact are now cut. I now have a cute bouncy bob cut and I will post some pictures soon! Also I seem to have gotten myself a lifeguard job this summer. In fact they are going to put me in a neighborhood right next to […]

Still going…

So it is 1:00AM and I am still at the SLC working on my fabric final. I am running on nothing but caffeine and pure Aqua. Nothing like a little Aqua at 1:00 in the morning and I am not ashamed! I must be the only student at does art at the SLC. So far […]

GAWD I love the SLC

* Me working on my Fabric Final at the SLC* Cop: (in deep southern accent) “is thart a weaving machine?”Me: Why yes it is…. it’s called a loom…Cop: My wife likes to Croshet! So um I am still working with my weaving machine. Maybe I will finish on time