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Brian sorry about forgetting that link here you go!
Air Gear motor powered rollerblade fighting fanservice manga
Unfortunately the website has become more add encrusted over the years but it’s all still there.

Right now I am obsessing over the most recent chapters of One Piece. Honestly this arc wasn’t really doing it for me until the LAST 2 CHAPTERS!!!!! OMG LUFFY I LOVE YOU!!! *dies in fits* If you are being a slacker and haven’t read up it it (this means you Erin) get your ass in gear and catch up. Gothic One Piece fills me with love. Pirates and zombies and and shadows I haven’t daydreamed about One Piece in a long time.

My job is going to have me working all over the place next week. They neglected to tell me anything more than the neighborhood names. These are all local neighborhoods. If any ring a bell and you can tell me how to get to that pool. Sooo here we go with my lifeguard schedule. I already know where Stockton’s Chase is but the other ones are more elusive.

Starting May 25
Fri 11-1PM Chestnut Grove (pool meeting) DONE!
Fri 3:45-8PM Walden

Sat 11:45-5PM Stockton’s Chase
Sat 6-9PM Willow Creek Creekside

Sun 11:45-5PM Stockton’s Chase

Tues 1:30-8:30PM Chestnut Grove

Wed 1:30-8:30PM Chestnut Grove

Thursday 12-9PM Willow Creek Overlook