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Still going…

So it is 1:00AM and I am still at the SLC working on my fabric final. I am running on nothing but caffeine and pure Aqua. Nothing like a little Aqua at 1:00 in the morning and I am not ashamed! I must be the only student at does art at the SLC. So far I have 2 inkles left to sew to the blanket and even up the rough edges. I estimate that I will be done by 3:00 but it WILL be finished and it will be the most FUCKING AMAZING BLANKET IN THE WORLD. A+ for life.

Now as I was working my 7am-1:am shift that is my life I had an idea for next semester. You know how they talk about the “Gay Agenda” as though gay people formed some sort of unified coalition. Conservatives make my day. I will make a “Gay Agenda” agenda book.

I have an amazing work ethic. It only raises it’s scaly head in times of serious need but DAMN it is there.

Edit : It’s 4:00 and the project is done. I smell amazing!