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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Schedule again

July Sunday July 1st  1:15-8:30 Chestnut Grove Monday July 2nd  11:45-5 Stockton’s Chase Tuesday July 3rd  11:45-5 Stockton’s Chase Wednesday July 4th 3-9 Willow Creek Creekside Thursday July 5th 1:15-8:30 Chestnut Grove Friday July 6th 7-12PM Edgewater Cove Saturday July 7th OFF Sunday July 8th 1:15-8:30 Chestnut Grove Monday July 9th  11:45-5 Stockton’s Chase Tuesday […]

SCHEDULE!!!! I have no life

I am putting this on LJ mostly so I can’t loose it also I can spam your friends list… My schedule through June… who knew Thrus 7th 11:45-5 Stockton’s Chase Fri 8th 11:45-5 Stockton’s Chase Sat 8th OFF Sun 10th 11:45-5 Stockton’s chase Mon 11th 1:15-8:30 Chestnut Grove Tues 12th 1:15-8:30 Chestnut Grove Wed 13th […]

I have been here forever

It has come to my attention that I have been on LJ for a LONG ASS time. A long long time ago when LJ was just starting out it was on an invite only basis. Sounds weird I know. So just say your friend had an account… His account would generate like 5 code invites […]