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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Schedule Yuck

August Wednesday August 1st OFF Thursday August 2nd 1:30-8:30 Chestnut Grove Friday August 3rd 1-9:30 Chestnut Grove Saturday August 4th 1-9:30 Chestnut Grove Sunday August 5th  1:30-8:30 Chestnut Grove (time and a  half) Monday August 6th 1:30-8:30 Chestnut Grove Tuesday August 7th 1:30-8:30 Chestnut Grove Wednesday August 8th 11:45-5 Stockton’s Chase Thursday August  9th OFF […]

DMV… again

Ok so me and the DMV meet again. I don’t know why it freaks me out so much but this time I will do it in Brian’s car which is thankfully an automatic transmission. So I won’t be worrying about shifting and such during the test. Clearly I don’t cope with failure well maybe my […]

Little FIsh

I am the owner of a very old very tiny little fish. When I got him I read up and the average lifespan for this guy is about 2 years… my fish is pushing 4. Needless to say he is finally starting to kick the bucket, but he is a tenacious little fellow. I go […]


What can I say about this weekend? Sarah came down to goooood old Marietta and we had a ball. I know I did that’s for sure. She’s one of my newer friends who I feel like I have known my entire life and will probably know for the rest of my life. I declare a […]

New obsession

Guitar hero is finally starting to click. I haven’t beaten hard all the way but I do have 5 stars on all of medium. I have rock music stuck in my head all day and I have almost completely cut back on my puzzle pirating. I am now attempting to play on expert. Sarah, this […]