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New obsession

Guitar hero is finally starting to click. I haven’t beaten hard all the way but I do have 5 stars on all of medium. I have rock music stuck in my head all day and I have almost completely cut back on my puzzle pirating.

I am now attempting to play on expert. Sarah, this is a challenge. Meet me on the playground and we’ll duel it out. Code for: plz come to Atlanta I will treat you to some fishes and nose bleed inducing rock an roll. Also maybe some icecream.

Maybe I just wanted to pimp my homemade icon here of Crabcake rocking some face. If you could see he whole image she’s standing on a pile of skeletons w/ guitars.

I have pretty much the best summer job imaginable. Today I got to lay out on a reclining chair and nap through a thunderstorm. Cuz no one was in the pool and there was no way I could clean it with lightning everywhere. And the kids tell me I am their favorite lifeguard. Apparently I am the nice one. Who knew?