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The Little Fish (his name was Moby Dick)

My little fish finally died after 10 days of laying on the bottom. For a while he would still sorta swim to the surface for some food but eventually that was too much and he stopped eating. I’ll miss him. Now I have a practically empty tank except of course for my antisocial catfish. I can’t say he didn’t have a good run for it, the little guy lived double his life expectancy and fought till the end.

I am really tired tonight for some reason, maybe it is all these late nights with my sweet Brian. I decided to work up till the last possible day before moving back to Athens, and they are really working me. I should have had today off but they BRIBED me to come in with time and a half. I used to think that I was a lazy person back when I was in high school. Now I find that I was very very wrong and that I make myself so busy that I barely have any time to myself. The indicator of how much free time I have is really how much I play puzzle pirates. Right now I am so burnt out and tired I couldn’t even face talking to my fellow pirates.