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Monthly Archives: September 2007

The internet is a magical place This was a present for me featuring my pirate Crabcake (the dead one) from my friend Skyeblue

My watched communities are getting a little out of hand. I am looking at my f-list and there are more community posts than friend posts. All I really need is capslock_op I’m just sayin. Not feeling too good this morning maybe a nice breakfast can cure that.

No Muggle Left Behind

Hogwarts vs. Public Schools part 1and Part 2 “Y’all spose to be learning magic here”

Freaking Art Histroy

Here is a passage from what I am reading for Art History “She also connotes something that the look continually circles around but disavows: her lack of a penis, implying a threat of castration and hence unpleasure. Ultimately, the meaning of woman is sexual difference, the absence of the penis as visually ascertainable, the material […]