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Freaking Art Histroy

Here is a passage from what I am reading for Art History

“She also connotes something that the look continually circles around but disavows: her lack of a penis, implying a threat of castration and hence unpleasure. Ultimately, the meaning of woman is sexual difference, the absence of the penis as visually ascertainable, the material evidence on which is based the castration complex essential for the organization of entrance to the Symbolic order and the Law of the Father. Thus the woman as icon, displayed for the gaze and enjoyment of men, the active controllers of the look, always threatens to evoke the anxiety it originally signified.”

Apparently whenever a man sees a woman with her lack of penis-ness he sees causes terrible castration anxiety. Woman is entirely defined by no-penis nature and their very nature is forever wishing for the penis they will never possess themselves. GOD DAMN YOU FREUD! You are so wrong but you just keep popping up. I am reading about art and film for goodness sake. Keep you bizarre over-sexualized thoughts to yourself! Maybe the woman instead of feeling something missing at her lack of penis nature rather sees the penis as a pain inducing stabby weapon? HOW ABOUT THAT?!! Suck it Freud.

This is the kind of art I am doing for my Puzzle Pirate mates for the YPP forums

Other than that still alive and kicking. The dorm situation is much better this year, cozy but we aren’t really getting in each other’s hair.