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I am at a point where I am seriously considering the possibility of going vegetarian. I am just not all that wild about meat in the first place. It can be amazing but it’s usually not and it has some serious ethical baggage. As a Buddhist I need to give it a shot. Honestly I really like vegetables more and I am more interested in learning how to cook with them. I think I’d approach it more like my friend Mateo who “is” a vegetarian but sometimes gives into his meat urges if he feels his body really needs it. I just think it would be a good step for me even to try it out for a month. See how it goes.

I’ve been really high energy and high creativity for the last few weeks and today I just crashed. 6:00 came around and I didn’t have any left to give and for once in my life the rain really bummed me out.

Next time I feel the urge I am just going to sit down on the sidewalk and sketch the leaves. I’ll post some as soon as I can get near a scanner.