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I just got back from the most insane printmaking conference ever. I am exhausted and over stimulated. It was amazing honestly too amazing to write about right now. I guess you all will just have to talk to me :P …or I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Today I spent 8 straight hours in the studio and my project is shaping up into one of my best pieces. There is just a lot more work I need to do on and it and not a lot of time. My ipod was playing the most encouraging and upbeat music too. I feel it wanted to help me along or at least that’s what I’m saying to myself. Stabbed myself twice and had the most scrumptious sandwich of the year. Also I have freaking JURY DUTY wtf guys! I got the little notice and the date falls the week before finals (aka crunch time for art students) If I can’t wiggle my way out of it I’m thinking I may be able to postpone it at the least.

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