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Whee update

Hey guys long time no update! I will be 21 Tomorrow and that’s going to be pretty sweet. I don’t want to get wasted or anything just the alcoholic taste of new privilege. But Thursday night? We all know the real party is this weekend, that and shit tons of art homework. All the printmaking professors are going to SGC this next week (me included) and all the projects are lining up. SGC should be amazing but I can already feel the burn out starting. So far I have been managing my 4 studios pretty well but this week shit hits the fan. We learned that because we are moving to the new art building they are going to be moving the presses in mid-April. That puts a damper on final projects jeeze. We aren’t going to have access to the new building until fall semester. So I guess it will be early finals for me. I mean I hate to be a spoil sport but I did pay for this I’d like my money’s worth. But there is nothing my department can do about it (believe me they have tried) and any move this big is bound to be messy. But common give us another week guys! You have all summer!

I really like the art I’m doing this semester. I’ve decided to go back to trees and it is a wonderful breeze of familiar territory. As much as you should challenge yourself in art there is virtue in perfecting what you love and comes easily to you.

Reading Shadow of the Wind right now and enjoying it a lot. It is a very well written story that isn’t exactly a “fast” read builds great momentum and has crazy plot twists. I love reading I wish I spent more time on it. I just get distracted by my pirate obsessions o_O

My pirate now sports an eyepatch and is working her way up the high scores list. Ult Sails baby!