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morning YUCK

So I had a meeting this morning at 6:30 for work. Pretty early I know. So my alarm is going off I put it on snooze but the alarm simply decided to turn off and I woke up 10 minutes before the meeting. I run to the car drive over to the neighborhood where the pool is at and manage to get completely turned around in the neighborhood. Apparently there are multiple entrances from sandy plains and I didn’t take the one I thought I had. Spend 10 minutes driving around INSIDE the neighborhood and manage to find the pool. I park the car and run to the meeting. I then trip and skidd along the ground at a pretty high speed. I skinned my knee badly destroyed my jeans and scratched my cell up. And just to make my morning better I got to preform a CPR refresher on my busted knee at the meeting. Now I have a few hours before I get to go to work for 9 hours.