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ADVERTISEMENTS?! on MY livejournal? I have to be logged on not to see them… this is pissing me off and I know they weren’t here earlier this week. I thought us original LJ members were exempt from their advertising disaster. I guess they weren’t making enough money on the fist batch and they had to broaden their base. It’s not cool because even though I can’t see them when I’m logged in I won’t want to direct people to my blog because I wouldn’t want my readers to see the ads.


I heard some good things about bloglines if you are looking for an alternative to LJ and as a plus you can subscribe to all your friends journals no mater who hosts them.

I spent 12 hours in the studio today bleargh

I also found a really cute stop animation film about puzzle pirates.


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    Hannah Skoonberg
    I want to continue exploring ideas of winter expanding from my stripe project. Specifically I am interested in the structure of trees in the snow and the different textures of snow intersecting with trees. I want to incorporate complex weave structure with painting pigment onto my warp strings. I feel like an interesting weave structure will reward the viewer up close and potentially enhance the painted on structure. These weavings are meant to parallel the themes I have been working with in printmaking.
    I would like to use primarily grey tones ranging from black to white with highlights of silver. I was originally planning to use more browns but I think I will really enjoy the more graphic dark and light referencing trees in the snow. I plan on using a light colored warp and then paint the darks and pattern on with pigment. I am really interested in trying the silver tinsel-like thread to achieve the shimmer of snow probably by winding that with a white or cream. I want all the pieces in this collection to be in a similar color range to my last piece.
    These would be wall pieces intended for display in the Georgia State Botanical Garden’s gallery during the winter season. I feel that the Botanical Gardens don’t get enough visitors during the winter even though it is open all year long. Hopefully a few art pieces in their gallery about the beauty of trees in the winter may encourage visitors, and relate to the space in a thematic way.

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