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So my website is now more of a fetus and less of an embryo. As in it has a long way to go but at least it’s online with more than 3 pictures.

I also managed to scan and upload

This is based of a photo my dad took while he was in California this summer. I am pretty happy with how it came out and I have a huge edition if people want to buy it!
This week has been really rough on me. Basically all my studios have something due next week and I am calling out sick from work just to get all my shit done. Even then I am worried about finishing everything. My roommate has been an angel and my friend Elizabeth drove me out to the "bus farm" to retrieve my keys. So things are looking up today I am just afraid because I haven’t started printing yet for my 2 print projects due next week. I hope to remedy that this evening and at least print the first layer on my directed study piece. I am sick of newbie teachers who feel the need to prove themselves by making their class unnecessarily hard.

Also in case you didn’t know I ran off with Ian’s guitar that he never uses and I have been learning how to play it. My roommate Ambili is awesome at it even though she modestly denies it. Whatever she’s a lot better than me and maybe a more attainable goal for a complete beginner like me.