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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Mmmmm audio books

I have recently discovered a group that records audio files of public domain books. It’s great! I just play them from my laptop while I am carving so I don’t get as bored or distracted. Today I was listening to “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” read by a delightful British voice. Also I have […]

Printmaking Blues

So for some reason my printmaking projects are giving me a lot more anxiety than usual. Of course there is a lot of reasons and I am doing much more ambitious prints than before but that doesn’t reduce this gut sinking feelings of anxiety I am having over these prints. I think working on 2 prints at […]


Ok so I have a Deviantart account and I post up my stuff there like any good 13 year old would. So apparently they have something called “Daily Deviations” where moderators feature selected pieces every day. Apparently this is a pretty big deal and it directs a lot of people to your art. So my […]

Yesterday my roommate informed me that I talk in my sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. She’s a night owl and usually gets to bed well after I’m asleep while in the past my roommates went to bed before me. I knew I talked in my sleep before now from sleepovers and stuff but I guess I […]

I makes art yesss

This lovely piece has been my recent source of agony. I am really excited with how well it came out and maybe it is my best print so far. The print is 18″x18″ and it took me ungodly amounts of time to carve it. I am trying to think about Zen Buddhism in this piece and […]