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Yesterday my roommate informed me that I talk in my sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. She’s a night owl and usually gets to bed well after I’m asleep while in the past my roommates went to bed before me. I knew I talked in my sleep before now from sleepovers and stuff but I guess I had no idea how frequent it was. Ambili said that it usually isn’t a lot of talking generally just a sentence or something then I’ll be quiet again. I guess if you don’t have someone awake in your room to hear you you’ll never know. Does anyone know what causes people talk in their sleep and is it a problem (other than waking up light sleepers)? I know sleepwalking can be a sign of other issues.

I am sitting here carving and I would rather be doing something anything else right now. I am trying to think of art as my zen practice and it isn’t coming easily at the moment. I have been having some technical issues with the presses and I am going to have to resolve them before I print this layer I am working on. I just am having my paper shift a lot inside the press and I am pretty sure this is connected to pressure but I feel like I can’t seem to get it right.