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Bad Printing day

I just pulled to most unsuccessful print in my entire life. This ABOMINATION is so bad that is rolls right back around to possibly interesting. This was my experimental centra carborundum collograph. I just… I just couldn’t make it happen. I believe at this point my best course of action is to throw my plate into a dumpster and walk away. Not only was it impossible in execution… It shredded to black ruined tatters 2 brand new tarlatans, took 3 hours to pull one print, I may be stained blue for life with the ink rubbed into my hands. My image as it was is no longer even recognisable… This print was hilariously bad. The amount of ink required here would have done for 15 regular intaglio prints and the gritty aquatint shredded anything I used to wipe off the ink. Including myself. I don’t even feel depressed. I mean if it hadn’t gone so poorly I might have had to spend more time with that wretched plate. I never want to see that plate again. Shit. I just want to have a beer and read some comic books.

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